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Welcome to joelle-j-dotcom!

Welcome to joelle-j-dotcom, the site dedicated entirely to me! Whether you're a friend, a friend-to-be, or an always-and-forever complete stranger, I hope you enjoy learning more about me -- and other things too, of course!

Hire me! contains all the reasons why you would want to work with me.

Photos shows off my yet undiscovered (for a reason) photographic talents. While admiring my handiwork you can meet family and friends as well as relive the fascinating adventures and travels of my life.

Other stuff is just what it sounds like. If your interests are as diverse as mine, then the links and information here will be bookmarked in your favorite browser too. And, if really want to know what I like best, you'll have to check out my two kids' page. They're my favorite things in the whole wide world.

About me seems rather redundant on a site that is all about me, but sometimes redundancy is needed to cover all your markets. While everything on this site reflects my interests, this section is an extra special peek into the life and times of joelle-j.

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